Understanding And Overcoming Premature Ejaculation

Are you really one of the people who are experiencing premature ejaculation? This term is broadly understood, but no one really agrees how long does it take for the ejaculation not to occur to say that they are suffering from it. As a matter of fact the condition is only taken as a problem when it starts creating tension between you and your partner, instead of depending on any specific period of time. Some men ejaculate after about three minutes of intercourse, while others do not consider half an hour enough.

But whatever maybe the case with you, surely the condition would be causing a lot of anxiety in you whenever you feel like having sex. Therefore, you need to understand that there are two aspects to a premature ejaculation: mental and physical. But the physical aspect is really next to nothing as compared to the part your mind plays in it. You can train your pelvic floor muscles to respond to the sexual stimulus in a better way by carrying out Kegel exercises. Since the muscles that control the orgasm contractions are the same with which you urinate, controlling the flow of urine can help you control those muscles.

But the most important fact to remember is that unless you are relaxed while you make love to your partner, you can never achieve control over your ejaculation. Therefore, you need to learn to know when the when your pelvic floor muscles cannot take it anymore and should make adjustments accordingly. You can pause between sexual intercourse briefly and then start again and make sure you compensate the action with some other one, so that your partner does not feel irritated. Also, masturbating before sex is known to have helped people avoiding ejaculating prematurely during the intercourse, but that varies with everyone. At the end of the day, it is learning to relax to gain greater controller over how you sex which really proves decisive in overcoming premature ejaculation.